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It's time for a return to Love Letters! Doodle a cute little note and make it special for a friend, grandchildren, neighbors and all those loved ones you have missed seeing in person.

Valentine's Day 2021- Extend love from a distance

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Valentine Love- How couples are keeping the flame lit

Couples and cabin fever is real. Even the most  devoted couples can go a little stir-crazy! Our readers sent in many lovely tips and tricks about successful coupling during a pandemic.
Here are the top 5 "keep the flame lit" responses received from sensational couples in our region-

1. Simply say " I love you".
2. Find something to laugh about everyday.
3. Tuck a love note in a coat pocket, lunch bag, or place a note on the night stand.
4. Trading five minute massages.
5. Create little special things to look forward too.

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